A Page Or Two Podcast: Michelle Davidson Argyle

In this podcast we welcome Michelle Davidson Argyle for this edition of the A Page Or Two Podcast! Michelle reads an excerpt from Scales from her upcoming novel Bonded due out this November. Take a listen to this talented author as she reads a page or two of her fascinating story!

A Page Or Two Podcast: Michelle Davidson Argyle

First, click on the above link and have a listen.

Michelle’s Webpage

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Join us next time for yet another episode of A Page Or Two Podcast where great authors share with us a page or two of their works.


A Page Or Two Podcast: Michaelbrent Collings

The latest edition of “A Page Or Two Podcast” is HERE!! Not only were we lucky enough to get this international bestselling author to take time out of his busy schedule, but he read from his just released, next best selling novel: Apparition

(*Michaelbrent’s reading selection can be a little intense…you’ve been warned)

A Page Or Two Podcast: Michaelbrent Collings

First, click on the link and listen, then tell anyone (and everyone…) who loves a good scare to do the same. Then buy the book (of course…).

Michaelbrent Colling’s Website

Patrick Leishman’s Music: I Am Echo